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Which Civil/Survey Application is Right for You?

The Essential Add On For Civil 3D®

Corridor EZ For Civil 3D automates the most complex part of Civil 3D – corridor creation.

This Civil 3D plugin with intuitive design and automation tools, seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows and generates your Civil 3D design surfaces, profiles, assemblies feature lines and corridors.

Project Assist AI will automate the creation of a preliminary road network design including horizontal and vertical designs with automatic curb return design in minutes

Select this option if you want to:

  • Add proven AI driven road network design with real time rendering to Civil 3D. 
  • Ensure that junior designers are productive in hours - not days or weeks.

The Complete Civil Application For BricsCAD

Civil Site Design Transforms BricsCAD Pro Into complete feature rich civil design application

BricsCAD uses Civil Site Design to functionally replace Civil 3D with a lower cost, faster platform with full civil design functionality.

A key benefit is that Civil Site Design on BricsCAD will read and convert your Civil 3D surfaces and alignments directly.

It is available with perpetual, networked and subscription pricing options.

Select this option if you want:

  • Civil 3D functionality at a much lower cost.
  • Ensure that all designers are quickly productive with pre-configured standards

Modern Survey Software For BricsCAD and Civil 3D

Stringer Topo transforms your current CAD platform into a low-cost, full-featured survey package

Stringer Topo is the modern, field-to-finish software that surveyors have been seeking for years. It streamlines the reduction and presentation of survey observations whether you are using AutoCADCivil 3D or BricsCAD.

Stringer Topo focuses on maximizing your efficiency in adding and editing break lines, automating linework creation, adding and editing point data, creating surfaces, legends and tables.

Select Stringer Topo if you want:

  • Modern AI driven survey software
  • With perpetual and network options

Looking for an AutoCAD alternative ...Look No Further...

BricsCAD is everything that you could want in an AutoCAD compatible  platform!

DWG compatible; LISP and command line compatible; Faster; Lower cost; Perpetual and multi-user licenses

Virtually zero risk - your staff will be fully operational in hours.

Powerful time and money saving applications - with outstanding support