ChasmTech helps civil engineers and surveyors 
Produce More Work in Less Time...
With fast, easy to use, intuitive design tools.

Civil Site Design has been improving the performance   and stability of Civil 3D since 2005It works with AutoCAD and BricsCAD giving you control over your core CAD software.

Better Subdivision Design with CIvil Site Design

Let us show you how Civil Site Design  will turbocharge your design process 

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What if there were a Better Version of Civil 3D that

Stabilized Civil 3D and Increased Performance...

Automated Road and Curb Return Design...

Gave You CAD Platform Options...

Well there is - its called Civil Site Design

Why your firm MUST consider 
Civil Site Design?

Do you just want to make Civil 3D better?

Civil Site Design for Civil 3D works on top of Civil 3D and makes it better.

Civil Site Design's automation tools allow your designer's to do more, in less time, with fewer crashes and less training!

You will save hours of effort on every design. Civil Site Design will automatically generate your Civil 3D surfaces, profiles, corridors and pipe networks allowing you to continue to use your existing styles and standards.

Ask your designers if they would be happy if they never had to create and manage corridors again.

Are you looking for a Civil 3D compatible solution?

Civil Site Design for BricsCAD generates design data that can be easily shared with Civil 3D users who are using Civil Site Design for Civil 3D.  

This allows you to exploit a lower cost CAD engine which integrates directly with your existing design and production procedures. 

Finally, a risk free, low cost way to deploy intuitive civil design software to users who are not fully trained in Civil 3D.  

Save money and increase productivity without changing your overall workflow.

Are you looking for a Civil 3D alternative?

Civil Site Design for BricsCAD is an intuitive, feature rich design package that is optimized for residential and commercial subdivision design as well as traditional road and highway design. 

It provides fast intuitive design tools offering you all the features of Civil 3D without the complexity.

With a comprehensive e-learning system, YouTube channel and local support, you will be fully operational in hours - not weeks.

And with flexible licensing, perpetual, subscription and network licenses.

Civil Site Design for Civil 3D

Civil Site Design for BricsCAD

Civil Site Design will dramatically increase your productivity by:

Significantly reducing design effort with automation tools for routine tasks such as curb returns 

Stabilizing Civil 3D, reducing or eliminating frequent crashes

Generates your profiles, assemblies, corridors and pipe networks for you automatically

Allowing new users to become productive in days rather than weeks with Civil 3D

Giving you control of your software costs with the option of  perpetual licenses

Implementing Civil Site Design will make you more productive and will drive more profits to your bottom line!

Survey software built by surveyors for surveyors

Do your surveyors really require Civil 3D?

Stringer Topo gives your surveyors what they need without the overhead and expense of Civil 3D.  

Are looking for an AutoCAD alternative ...Look No Further...

BricsCAD is everything that you could want in an AutoCAD compatible  platform!

DWG compatible; LISP and command line compatible; Faster; Lower cost; Perpetual licenses

Virtually zero risk - your staff will be fully operational in hours.

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Want to see Civil Site Design in action?

Learn how powerful and how easy Civil Site Design is for your staff to Learn!

Save thousands while producing more!  

Software designed to automate the real work you do!