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Learn how Civil Site Design can Reduce Civil 3D's Design Effort by 100's of Hours

Civil Site Design has been an add-on to Civil 3D since 2005.  It was designed from day one to add automation to Civil 3D. Let’s see how it addresses three key requirements for maximum productivity.

  1.  Add design automation and improve the stability of Civil 3D
  2.  Maintain existing production standards
  3.  Assist new users in becoming productive quickly

What a Civil 3D Guru had to say about Civil Site Design


But, for 4 minutes worth of work to do 33 intersections along 26 streets this is ama-za-zing stuff. And imagine what this will do for those involved with preliminary design and visualization, I cannot think of a better tool to do that.  Profiles of crossing streets are linked by the software. If I raise or lower a major road... ALL CROSSING ROAD PROFILES ARE ADJUSTED TO MATCH AUTOMATICALLY! That includes the curb return profiles. How awesome is that!

Angel Espinoza  -2007

Autodesk Civil 3D Guru

Need proof? Watch this brief video to see Civil Site Design for Civil 3D in action...

Key Benefits of Civil Site Design for Civil 3D

Design Automation Improves Civil 3D

Civil Site Design has dozens of design automation and visualization tools that will save 100's of hours of design effort on virtually every project.

Civil 3D Will Crash Less Frequently

Civil Site Design writes design information to an external folder. This reduces the size of the drawing and should you experience a crash, Civil Site Design automatically recovers all of its design information and labels.

Civil 3D Will Load Faster

During the early stage of your design your drawings will not become bloated with Civil 3D objects, Civil 3D will load significantly faster.

Easily Generate all Civil 3D Objects 

Most importantly, when you have finished your detailed design work, Civil Site Design will generate your Civil 3D surfaces, profiles, corridors, assemblies  and surfaces automatically.

Keep wh​​​​​at you like about Civil 3D and upgrade the rest!

Maintain Your Production Standards

The second key requirement is that any solution must maintain compatibility with existing production drawing standards. In Civil 3D, this means the ability to support key Civil 3D objects such as surfaces, alignments and profiles.

Here is what Jerry Crouch P.E with BHA - Hutchison & Associates , had to say about Civil Site Design’s compatibility with Civil 3D


We have been using Civil Site Design with Civil 3D for 2 years now. The productivity gains we have seen from the automation in Civil Site Design are truly impressive. We can generate Civil 3D profiles directly allowing us to maintain our traditional documentation styles.

But what is truly impressive is the level of support we receive from the Civil Site Design support team. When bugs are identified it is not uncommon to have an update within days and we have always been given a work around to keep us moving forward on our projects.


Jerry Crouch P.E.

Key Production Benefits

Civil 3D Objects

When you have finished your detailed design work, Civil Site Design will generate your Civil 3D surfaces, profile, assemblies and corridors automatically. 

Users can edit a profile in Civil 3D and then post them back to Civil Site Design. If curb returns are affected they will be updated automatically.

Use Your Existing Styles

Your existing styles are automatically applied to the new Civil 3D objects

Designers and drafters continue to use your standard tools for documentation. No additional training. No interruption to your procedures.

Design Automation for Inexperienced Designers

New Civil 3D users often require weeks of training and months of use before they become proficient. Supporting these users takes time and effort from experienced users.

To address this problem, a Civil 3D companion product is required that simplifies Civil 3D while maintaining corporate standards and allowing senior designers to simply review a design and make corrections as required.

Civil Site Design for Civil 3D is THE Solution

Civil Site Design for Civil 3D provides:

Common standards that are setup once and are then automatically assigned to all new projects - users focus on design not setup.

Quick start video series that introduces users to all basic concepts in 20 minutes

A Civil 3D Ribbon with easy to understand workflows and simple to understand forms to assist designers during the design process.

On-line, context sensitive Help system that is continuously being updated

An e-learning site with sample files to allow users to learn while working through a design.

A seamless workflow that allows you to share Civil 3D designs with AutoCAD and BricsCAD

Watch as Civil Site Design Generates your Cooridors for  you

The Next Step Is Up to You!

Too Busy to Change is not addressing any of the underling issues you are facing!

Let us show you a risk free approach to increase your design team's productivity!

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