A Better Survey Alternative for Civil 3D

Faster, Easier, Smarter

Stringer Topo is a comprehensive field-to-finish survey application.    It includes all the tools you need to process your survey data, generate surfaces, manage your COGO points and automate your drafting to ensure your production plots are generated quickly and efficiently .

All inside your drawing...

Better Survey Software... Period!

Survey software built by surveyors for surveyors
A Better Survey Alternative for Civil 3D

Learn why Stringer Topo  is simply a better solution!

A Better Survey Alternative for Civil 3D

Most surveyors do not need the overhead of Civil 3D! 

Civil 3D Survey is great for managing survey data on large projects.

But most projects do not need this functionality and most surveyors do not need the complexity or high cost of Civil 3D.

They know Civil 3D Survey was not created "By surveyors, for Surveyors"

Stringer Topo was... Period!

You have to see what Stringer Topo can do for you... 

Whether you are a large or small firm  

Stringer Topo is RIGHT for you! Works better and costs Less!

​​​​What makes Stringer Topo Faster, Easier, Smarter?

Developed by surveyors with over 20 years experience in the industry, Stringer Topo focuses on maximizing your efficiency in processing survey data. Even better, it allows you to choose which CAD platform best meets your needs - Civil 3D, AutoCAD or BricsCAD.

Stringer Topo delivers fast, easy to use, field-to-finish survey functions. Raw survey data generates COGO points, automates the creation of 2D and 3D line work and generates a surface ready for final documentation and plotting. Associated functionality includes survey quality reporting, point import/export to numerous formats, traverse editing and drafting of cadastral plans.

​​​​Ready to learn why Stringer Topo is the best survey software for you?
Read some of the key features.

  • Import  Field Data
  • Surfaces & Break lines
  • COGO Points
  • Cadastral and More 
Load, Review, Reduce and Import Field Observations in Seconds

Stringer Topo supports a wide variety of data recorders and all the common data file formats used by surveyors.  

  • Working with raw observations?
    • Your file in opened in a spreadsheet color coded by observation type. 
    • Edit any entry directly, add observation data and exclude data from your data transfer.

  • GPS data or points file? Import these directly as COGO points.
  • Using Civil 3D?  Field book (.fbk) formatted files can be imported into Stringer, for editing and inclusion in the Civil 3D survey database.
  • Assumed benchmark?  Easily adjust your control points by typing the corrected coordinates directly in the cells, importing a file of points to update the coordinates or by reading COGO point coordinates from your drawing.
  • Scale factors can be applied or transform the data by a shift, rotation and/or scale.
A Better Survey Alternative for Civil 3D

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A Better Survey Alternative for Civil 3D

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