A Better Survey Alternative for Civil 3D

Faster, Easier, Smarter

Stringer Topo is a comprehensive field-to-finish survey application.    It includes all the tools you need to process your survey data, generate surfaces, manage your COGO points and automate your drafting to ensure your production plots are generated quickly and efficiently .

All inside your drawing...

And it works with "both" Civil 3D & BricsCAD!

Better Survey Software... Period!

Survey software built by surveyors for surveyors
A Better Survey Alternative for Civil 3D

Learn why Stringer Topo  is simply a better solution!

A Better Survey Alternative for Civil 3D

Most surveyors do not need the overhead of Civil 3D! 

Civil 3D Survey is great for managing survey data on large projects.

But most projects do not need this functionality and most surveyors do not need the complexity or high cost of Civil 3D.

They know Civil 3D Survey was not created "By surveyors, for Surveyors"

Stringer Topo was... Period!

You have to see what Stringer Topo can do for you... 

Whether you are a large or small firm  

Stringer Topo is RIGHT for you! Works better and costs Less!

​​​​What makes Stringer Topo Faster, Easier, Smarter?

Developed by surveyors with over 20 years experience in the industry, Stringer Topo focuses on maximizing your efficiency in processing survey data. Even better, it allows you to choose which CAD platform best meets your needs - Civil 3D, AutoCAD or BricsCAD.

Stringer Topo delivers fast, easy to use, field-to-finish survey functions. Raw survey data generates COGO points, automates the creation of 2D and 3D line work and generates a surface ready for final documentation and plotting. Associated functionality includes survey quality reporting, point import/export to numerous formats, traverse editing and drafting of cadastral plans.

​​​​Ready to learn why Stringer Topo is the best survey software for you?
Read some of the key features.

  • Import Field DATA
  • Surfaces & Breaklines
  • Cadastral and More 
Surfaces and Breaklines - Fully Automated

Stringer Topo automatically adds breaklines connecting your COGO Points based on point description, string number and sequence of point pickup in the field. Watch your surface update automatically.  

  • As you edit your point codes, your line work, breaklines and surface are updated so you can manage your changes in real time.
  • Easily add, edit and remove breaklines directly inside the drawing. With a wide collection of point and string editing tools you can quickly correct any pickup errors
  • In BricsCAD  Stringer Topo includes the Civil Site Design surface functions: 
    • Incorporate your standards and styles for colors and labels
    • Perform a slope analysis
    • Use Satellite to Surface to access Google elevation data and images
    • Share surfaces with Civil Site Design and Civil 3D
A Better Survey Alternative for Civil 3D

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Our Products

Industry Compatible Alternatives
Simply Better!

Civil 3D Alternative
A Better Survey Alternative for Civil 3D
A Real AutoCAD Alternative

Civil Site Design

Civil Site Design provides you with highly efficient & simple-to-use civil design tools for subdivision design, site grading,  road reconstruction, storm water, sewer and pipeline design.

Better, Faster, Easier & Smarter! It's Time for Civil Site Design!

  • Available for Civil 3D, BricsCAD, and AutoCAD
  • Automatic road and curb return design
  • Interactive grading tools
  • Dynamic real-time visualization
  • Visual vertical grading editor
  • Super stable! Easy to use!

Stringer Topo

Stringer Topo is designed to  efficiency load field survey data into both Civil 3D and BricsCAD. It processes field data, generating break lines, a 3D surface, and annotated symbols. Combined with its robust cadastral tools Stringer Topo  delivers a workflow that makes sense to Surveyors.

  • All standard instrument files
  • Surface creation
  • Automatic breaklines
  • Field to finish survey
  • Deliver as built data
  • Cadastral mapping
  • Lot labeling


BricsCAD is the only real alternative to AutoCAD. It provides all of the functionality of AutoCAD and more. It is 100% DWG compatible and will both read and display Civil 3D 2018 objects as AutoCAD entities. Package it with Civil Site Design and Stringer Topo, and it simply rocks in the civil market!

  • All familiar CAD features
  • Loads your AutoCAD CUI files
  • Perpetual licenses
  • Supports LISP, VBA, and .NET
  • A simple recompile for ARX
  • Optional DWG based BIM
  • Hundreds of Third Party Apps
A Better Survey Alternative for Civil 3D

Civil Site Design & Stringer Topo work with BricsCAD !

BricsCAD... the only REAL alternative?

Hmmm? Wondering about BricsCAD?

Perpetual licenses, lower cost and all of the functionality of AutoCAD


Civil Site Design and Stringer Topo work Perfectly with BricsCAD!

Survey features you won't want to live without ...
And maybe a few that you did live without...
Well, at least In Civil 3D! 

Are you convinced you need a better survey platform?
Stringer Topo is "The Best CAD Based Survey Solution"

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