Civil Site Design – The Next Generation in Subdivision Design

Civil Site Design - The Next Generation in Subdivision Design.

I just received a beta of "Civil Site Design" - the re-branded "Advanced Road Design" software from Civil Survey Solutions.

The new name makes a lot of sense because Advance Road Design was so much more that road design software - it is ideally suited to subdivision and site design. The newest release takes engineering design to the next level with built in rendering, bi-directionally  linked directly to your design.

Bi-directional links between rendering and design 
Visualization integrated into your design. 

Changes in your design are automatically rendered in the model.

Platform Support:

Civil Site Design (CSD) is a plug and play application that can be installed on Civil 3D, AutoCAD and BricsCAD.

  • With Civil 3D, CSD uses the native surfaces and alignments while significantly simplifying the design of road networks typical in a subdivision including automatic curb return design.
  • CSD is also available for AutoCAD where it uses the AutoCAD graphics engine with its own surfaces and alignments. The software uses LandXML to exchange data with Civil 3D if required and can generate Civil 3D corridors.
  • Finally, CSD operates with BricsCAD - a cost effective AutoCAD alternative. Anecdotally, CSD performs noticeably faster on the BricsCAD engine.

Providing users with choices in CAD software is a key differentiator of Civil Site Design.  Users can continue to use and enhance their current software while having the option to migrate to a lower cost platform at any time.

 What are the key features of Civil Site Design?

The original features of Advanced Road Design are, of course, retained:

  • lightning fast surface and contour generation
  • a wide variety of surface analysis tools (elevation shading, slope shading, slope analysis etc)
  • easily understood and modifiable templates
  • automated modeling of the entire subdivision road network
  • automated generation of curb returns
  • and so much more... see their YouTube Channel for more details

The most exciting new feature is a built in visualization engine

  • with bi-directional links directly to your design
  • drive through simulation
  • line of sight analysis
  • change your design and the model is automatically updated

This is an entirely new concept - check out this overview video to see the "wow" factor of Civil Site Design.

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