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We have created this video series to help you learn Civil Site Design basics in under 25 minutes!

Get Started Right Away with Civil Site Design

7 Videos that step you through the basics

Creating Surfaces - BricsCAD

Duration: 0.58

Civil Site Design requires a surface to be created before any commands can be used. Creating a surface results in a -data folder being created from your default settings.

You can create a surface from 3D points, 3D Faces from Civil 3D and from external points files. If you are starting from contours in the drawing file, use the break lines option and select your contour layers . 

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Automatic Alignment Creation - BricsCAD

Duration: 0.48

Alignments in Civil Site Design for BricsCAD/AutoCAD are generated from polylines.

Draw the road center line alignments as polylines on a layer of your choice.

You will have the ability to edit the alignments after they have been generated by the software.

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Understanding Templates

Duration: 1:43

Civil Site Design uses templates to define road properties. Codes are used to define template segments measured left and right of the center line.

A number of default templates are provided. You should edit these to reflect your local standards.  Remember to save these to the global settings folder to ensure that they are available on your next project.

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Road Network Creation

Duration: 3.33

Civil Site Design treats roads as a network. All roads and curb returns are tied together and automatically update as changes are made in the vertical design

This video show you how easy it is to create a road network, with curb returns and to view your design with dynamically updating cross section views. 

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Editing Your Design with the VGE

Duration: 3.43

The Vertical Grading Editor is your primary tool for editing your design,

The VGE allows you to add and edit PVI's, adjust vertical curve lengths and add variations to your design.

This video introduces you to the power of the VGE.

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Generating Your Plan/profile and Cross-section Sheets

Duration: 2.53

Civil Site Design has a comprehensive set of tools for generating plan/profile and cross-section sheets.

This video provides you with an overview of how easy it is to customize your production plans.

Civil 3D users can output Civil 3D profiles, corridors, assemblies and pipe networks directly and continue to use existing styles.

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Visualizing Your Design

Duration: 3.43

Model Viewer provides a spatially accurate, fully rendered, model of your surfaces and designs, updating as you make design changes and including analysis for sight distance.

This is a full 3D environment with zoom, pan and orbit navigation. Any alignment can be immediately driven to assess visual and design outcomes.

Sight distance analysis accounts for all surfaces, design features and objects in assessing whether adequate sight distance is provided for each road and intersection.

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