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Civil Site Design provides you with highly efficient and simple-to-use design tools for residential and commercial subdivisions, road networks, highways, road reconstruction, site grading, surface creation, storm water, sewer and pipeline design.

We make Civil 3D Better... And if you are looking for a Civil 3D alternative, you found it! - Civil Site Design, Stringer Topo Survey, BricsCAD

This video stuns Civil 3D professionals!  

Watch Civil Site Design perform its magic!

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Civil Site Design Rural Road Design

Are you ready to take Civil 3D
to the next level?

Civil 3D is the standard for civil design in North America.

You invested in it to increase your productivity and be competitive in your market.

But Civil 3D has a number of know deficiencies - the most notable being the lack of automation for residential and commercial subdivision design.   Not to mention the frequency of crashes.

Civil Site Design adds unprecedented automation to Civil 3D for road and curb return design - and has been doing it since 2005.

With Civil Site Design you maximize your return on investment in Civil 3D and can even lower your software costs. 

Angel Espinoza, an Autodesk Civil 3D® technical guru, first saw the precursor to Civil Site Design in 2007.  Here is what he said:

"But, for 4 minutes worth of work to do 33 intersections along 26 streets this is ama-za-zing stuff. And imagine what this will do for those involved with preliminary design and visualization, I cannot think of a better tool to do that.   Profiles of crossing streets are linked by the software. If I raise or lower a major road... ALL CROSSING ROAD PROFILES ARE ADJUSTED TO MATCH AUTOMATICALLY! That includes the curb return profiles. We do not have to go back and adjust them manually. How awesome is that!"

Imagine what more than a decade of Civil Site Design development has delivered!

Civil 3D... Keep what you like!   Upgrade the parts that give you grief!

You Invested in Civil 3D to Increase Productivity
and Generate More Profits

But you are concerned about both the performance of Civil 3D and on going subscription costs.

Civil 3D is the giant in the civil design market! It has some great technology and thousands of trained users! Its origins in highway design are, however, evident to even the casual observer.  

Most engineering firms generate the bulk of their revenue from the design of residential and commercial subdivisions. They need automation for basic tasks like curb returns.

See the problem?

We did! That is why Civil Site Design has been enhancing Civil 3D since 2005!

Civil Site Design is an Add-On to Civil 3D ... giving you the best of both worlds.

Civil Site Design is also available for AutoCAD and BricsCAD.

This allows you to select the platform that is right for individual users and can significantly reduce your long term software costs.  

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Civil Site Design Rural Road Design

What if ?

There was a Better Version of Civil 3D that:

Stabilized Civil 3D and Increased Performance...

Civil 3D’s slow performance and “crashes” on larger projects are well documented.

Civil Site Design significantly improves the performance of Civil 3D and reduces the number of “crashes”.

Stability, performance and productivity all with a simple Civil 3D Add-on!

Automated Road and Curb Return Design...

A key feature of Civil Site Design is how it automates road and curb return design.

Select Auto Roads and CSD will automatically generate a “best fit” vertical design of your road network.  

Same with curb returns – simply define the default radius and you can design all curb returns in a subdivision in seconds!

Gave You CAD Platform Options...

Civil Site Design is also available for BricsCAD and AutoCAD  

These versions share design information with Civil 3D! Designers can take advantage of Civil Site Design's performance at a lower cost.

Civil 3D users simply open the same drawing, refresh any alignments and generate Civil 3D and fine tune the design.

What if that add-on to Civil 3D would automatically generate your design surfaces, profiles, corridors, assemblies and pipe networks for you? 

 Faster design integrated with your existing production styles and standards. 


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Civil Site Design Rural Road Design

A Note from the President

Lance Maidlow

We have been in the Civil / Survey / CAD industry since it's inception... We have been in the trenches just like you!   We know the challenges and frustrations that you go through every day. 

Knowing the "real world" design issues and struggles you face is exactly why we brought Civil Site Design to the U.S. market!  

Our promise is that Civil Site Design will make your design team better!  On Civil 3D and on BricsCAD - the only real alternative to AutoCAD 

So are you ready to learn more about the power of Civil Site Design?

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Civil Site Design works with BricsCAD Too!

Civil Site Design for BricsCAD

If you are looking for a real alternative to AutoCAD, look no further...

BricsCAD is everything you need and more!

DWG compatible, command line compatible, LISP compatible

BricsCAD will even import your custom user interface files from AutoCAD


is available as a perpetual license, subscription and network versions!

There is Nothing Quite Like Civil Site Design!