Civil Site Design for BricsCAD

Faster, Easier, Smarter

Civil Site Design provides highly efficient and simple-to-use design tools for residential and commercial subdivision design, highways, road reconstruction, site grading, surface creation, storm water, sewer and pipeline design. And it works with Civil 3D, AutoCAD and BricsCAD.

You are looking for a REAL alternative to Civil 3D.
 But you are concerned about the RISK of switching.
Civil Site Design is the only alternative that minimizes your RISK.

Watch this video to see how Civil Site Design and  BricsCAD make a great CIVIL DESIGN SOLUTION.


What makes us faster, easier, smarter?

Civil Site Design has been increasing the performance and stability of Civil 3D since 2005

But, many firms are seeking an alternative to Civil 3D.

Others require a risk free way to transition to a compatible alternative
that allows designs to be easily shared with Civil 3D.

Read on to learn why Civil Site Design with BricsCAD is the only 



You Invested in Civil 3D to Increase Productivity

But you are concerned about the performance and stability of Civil 3D, its long learning curve and your annual subscription costs.

Civil 3D has its roots in highway design dating back to Autodesk's acquisition of Caice in 2002. This acquisition was strategic to Autodesk as it attempted to penetrate the state DOT market. This was the origin of the corridors.

However, most engineering firms generate the bulk of their revenue from the design of residential and commercial subdivisions. They are typically networks where corridors and regions just add complexity. Users need automation for basic tasks like curb returns.

See the problem? We did! 

Yes, Civil Site Design is a great Add-On to Civil 3D.  Did you know that it works just as well, only FASTER with BricsCAD! Even better, your staff can easily share designs between Civil 3D users and BricsCAD users.

Finally, you can select the platform that is right for individual users!

And significantly reduce your software costs with perpetual licenses!

Faster, Easier, Smarter and Cheaper


Civil Site Design with BricsCAD

Is inter-operable with Civil 3D designs

Civil 3D’s slow performance and “crashes” on larger projects are well documented.

Civil Site Design for BricsCAD is significantly faster and more stable  than Civil 3D and much easier to learn.

And you can share designs with native Civil 3D users and if they have Civil Site Design for Civil 3D - they can generate profiles, corridors, assemblies and pipe networks.

Civil Site Design + BricsCAD is truly a blockbuster combo!

Has high performance design tools

A key feature of Civil Site Design is how it automates road and curb return design.

Select Auto Roads and Civil Site Design will automatically generates a  “best fit” vertical design of your entire road network.  

Define the default radius and Civil Site Design will design all curb returns in seconds!

And that is only touching the surface of the powerful design tools in Civil Site Design with new features regularly added.

Gives you a choice in your CAD platform

Civil Site Design is also available for BricsCAD and AutoCAD  

These versions share design information with Civil 3D! Designers can take advantage of Civil Site Design's performance at a lower cost.

Civil 3D users simply open the same drawing, refresh any alignments and generate Civil 3D and fine tune the design.

Finally - a RISK FREE process to migrate to a faster, lower cost alternative

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