Wondering How Much You Can Save With BricsCAD?

Wondering How Much You Can Save with BricsCAD


Autodesk has moved to a subscription (rental) model.  Although this approach is common for new cloud based solutions, will it be accepted by AutoCAD users who are accustomed to owning their desktop software?

The chart above shows the savings that AutoCAD rental customers can achieve over a 5 year period(based on 2018 pricing) by switching to BricsCAD.

You save $605 the first year and $1330 every year thereafter. Your total savings over 5 years is $6,170. Multiply that by the number of licenses you have – and you can realize a significant impact on your bottom line.

But what is the risk?

DWG compatibility:

BricsCAD is 100% DWG supporting files back to version 2.5.


BricsCAD has all of the functionality of AutoCAD and much more including DWG based BIM.

End User Training:

BricsCAD has virtually the same interface as AutoCAD and will even load your custom menu files. Users are fully operational in the new environment in minutes. A recent BricsCAD adopter commented:

“I have the BricsCAD link and just installed it on my machine.  After about 5 minutes of changing some settings it already feels like home.  You were right, it feels the same as AutoCAD”


BricsCAD will load and run your custom AutoLISP functions without change.  If you have developed ARX applications, these can be configured for BricsCAD with a simple recompile.


You will be stunned at how fast BricsCAD runs compared to AutoCAD even on low cost notebooks.

What Do the Pro’s Say:

Ralph Grabowski, a preeminent technology author, celebrating 30 years of reporting on CAD, provides all if the information you need in his 300 page BRICSCAD for AutoCAD Users eBook.

3rd Party Applications

With its free 3rd party developer program, Bricsys is developing an ever growing network of developers. Read these reviews the survey and civil markets.

Take Away

The potential impacts of change are always a concern amongst owners, CAD managers and users. Unlike other AutoCAD clones which focus on price, BricsCAD eliminates virtually all of the risk at a cost savings that can’t be ignored.  It certainly deserves the few hours of effort required for an evaluation Download a 30 Day Trial Here.


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