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“Crossing the Chasm” is a very popular book about technology adoption. At ChasmTech, we believe that technology worth adopting is technology that assists people in how they work best, rather than disrupts how they work.

We are laser focused on the civil, water, sewer, gas, pipeline and transportation markets.  We help organizations increase productivity and reduce costs with proven, risk free software

This blog addresses issues that have been raised by many of our customers and references pertinent blogs from industry experts.

Autodesk is No Longer Customer Focused
Many Civil 3D users were surprised to learn that Civil 3D 2017 was not backward compatible to earlier versions nor[...]
Small Civil Design Firms Can Dominate The Site Design Market!
Smaller civil design firms will realize immediate productivity gains from Civil Site Design that will allow them to generate accurate designs quickly with minimal training.
Accessing Spatial Data in CAD Without AutoCAD Map
AutoCAD Map is an extremely powerful tool supporting spatial projections, topology, thematic mapping and more. But it is expensive at[...]
When Your GIS Dept Is Too Busy To Help – Google’s My Maps?
The combination of hosted mobile application sites and Google My Maps provides functionality that is often not avaialble from proprietary applications at a cost as low as $15/User/Month. Affordable to even the most frugal agency.