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“Crossing the Chasm” is a very popular book about technology adoption. At ChasmTech, we believe that technology worth adopting is technology that assists people in how they work best, rather than disrupts how they work.

We are laser focused on the civil, water, sewer, gas, pipeline and transportation markets.  We help organizations increase productivity and reduce costs with proven, risk free software

This blog addresses issues that have been raised by many of our customers and references pertinent blogs from industry experts.

The Second Half of the Chess Board Intersects with Moore’s Law in 2013
The story behind the chess board provides a graphic demonstration of exponential growth.  It is interesting that Moore's law reaches[...]
Autodesk is No Longer Customer Focused
Many Civil 3D users were surprised to learn that Civil 3D 2017 was not backward compatible to earlier versions nor[...]
What Will You Do When Autodesk Abandons DWG?
The thought of Autodesk abandoning DWG never really occurred to me until I read Ralph Grabowski's interview with Neil Peterson[...]
Civil Site Design’s Satellite to Surface Feature is Amazingly Accurate!
Direct access to Google Elevation data significantly reduces the effort required to create accurate contours for pre-design and planning purposes