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At ChasmTech, we believe that technology worth adopting is technology that assists people in how they work best, rather than disrupts how they work.

This blog addresses issues that have been raised by many of our customers and references pertinent blogs from industry experts.

7 New Features in BricsCAD V20 that makes AutoCAD Obsolete
7 key New Features in BricsCAD V20 That Make AutoCAD Obsolete!That is a bold statement but after attending the Bricsys[...]
An Easy Way for Local Governments to Save Thousands on their CAD Costs
An Easy Way for Local Governments to Save Thousands on their CAD Costs Each and Every YearI recently had an[...]
Civil 3D Users – Maximize Your Productivity and Save Money
Keep What  You Like About Civil 3D and Upgrade the Parts that are Giving you Grief BricsCAD is a clear[...]
Most Civil/Survey Firms Are Not Well Served by Civil 3D
Smaller Civil Engineering Firms Are Better Serviced by Smaller Developers It is my belief that many of Autodesk’s Civil 3D[...]
Civil Site Design’s Satellite to Surface Feature is Amazingly Accurate!
Civil Site Design’s Satellite to Surface Feature is Amazingly Accurate!Google Earth provides access to its elevation data with a free[...]
Is Your Land Development Desktop Getting Long in the Tooth?
Your Land Development Desktop is Getting Long in the Tooth  Surveyors, by nature, are conservative and are loath to change[...]
Value in Site Design Software = Productivity+ Ease of Use + Cost
  Autodesk's move to a subscription only pricing model, combined with backward compatibility issues with Civil 3D have caused many[...]
Autodesk is No Longer Customer Focused
Many Civil 3D users were surprised to learn that Civil 3D 2017 was not backward compatible to earlier versions nor[...]
Small Civil Design Firms Can Dominate The Site Design Market!
Small Civil Engineering Firms can Dominate Their Local Market Smaller civil engineering firms have the regional knowledge and relationships with[...]
Wondering How Much You Can Save With BricsCAD?
Wondering How Much You Can Save with BricsCAD Autodesk has moved to a subscription (rental) model.  Although this approach is common[...]
What Will You Do When Autodesk Abandons DWG?
The thought of Autodesk abandoning DWG never really occurred to me until I read Ralph Grabowski's interview with Neil Peterson[...]
Civil Site Design – The Next Generation in Subdivision Design
I just received a beta of "Civil Site Design" - the re-branded "Advanced Road Design" software from Civil Survey Solutions.[...]
Advanced Road Design – “26 Road Subdivision Conceptual Design in 4 Minutes”
While researching Advanced Road Design, I came across this 2007 post by Angel Espinoza. I've highlighted some of Angel's key[...]
A Complete Solution for Surveyors – No Need to Upgrade Your AutoCAD!
Surveyors require a suite of tools that must be both powerful and easy to use. Typical tasks include: Loading survery[...]
Accessing Spatial Data in CAD Without AutoCAD Map
AutoCAD Map is an extremely powerful tool supporting spatial projections, topology, thematic mapping and more. But it is expensive at[...]
Is BricsCAD A Real Alternative to AutoCAD?
I wrote this blog post in April 2015 when Autodesk was moving to its rental business model but a perpetual[...]
When Your GIS Dept Is Too Busy To Help – Google’s My Maps?
The GIS department in many utilities and local governments are over taxed: In smaller organizations, responsibilities typically rest with one[...]
The Second Half of the Chess Board Intersects with Moore’s Law in 2013
The story behind the chess board provides a graphic demonstration of exponential growth.  It is interesting that Moore's law reaches[...]