From inspection forms, safety checklists, construciton drawings and forms for regulatory compliance, there still is a lot of paperwork to be done in the field. Using pen and paper is a low tech, effective and inexpensive approach to paperwork, but filing and finding that paper can be expensive.

What if you could continue using pen and paper, but automatically distribute, file and find documents electronically?

Who says pen-and-paper is old school?

Anoto Digital Pen in the FieldUsing the paper, forms and laser printer you are already using, you could have a digital document management solution with minimal hassle!

SmartInk uses a SmartPen to record your handwriting throughout the day. It creates a PDF of each completed form when you dock the pen and automatically distributes it as a PDF file to email recipients and user-defined folders.

Your employees, already familiar with your forms and need no training since they just use a different pen. Simply docking the pen at the end of the day will upload the documents automatically.

You can keep using the paper copies as you do today, but you will start using the PDF copies because they are so much more convenient for finding and sending copies!

Your return on investment is almost immediate!

Automate Drawing Markups - Drawings Remain in the Field! 

Construction projects require collaboration amongst architects, engineers, contractors, inspectors and office staff. SmartInk - From Paper to PDF to CAD entities 

Too often, field changes are not effectively shared and project completion is delayed when drafting staff are forced to finalize as-built drawings from paper drawings of varying quality.  SmartInk automates the redline markup process by: 

• Automatically distributing and filing every field markup in real time as a PDF file.

• Consolidating markups made on separately printed drawings into a single PDF file.

• Loading the field markups, as date stamped entities, into your CAD platform.

• Reducing the time required to complete your as-built drawings.

• Ensuring that project engineers are current on all field changes.

• Ensuring that you never lose a document again.


SmartInk Benefits

Never Lose a Document Again

Run your business as usual: use your current forms, standard office paper and a PostScript 3 compatible color laser printer. You don't need to change your current processes, and with very minimal training all your employees will be able to use it.

• Free up your admin staff by eliminating the need to scan, copy, file and fax paper forms.

• Improve customer service by accessing the right form within seconds.

• Save paper by reducing the number of copies for each form.

• Automate workflows with automatic emails and project based filing

• Save money by eliminating 2 and 3 part pre-printed forms.

• Retrieve forms quickly and easily, by querying on date, form name, project etc.

• Keep records for decades- store the electronic version of the form at a fraction of the cost of paper forms.