Civil Site Design for BricsCAD

Faster, Easier, Smarter

Civil Site Design provides you with highly efficient and simple-to-use design tools for residential and commercial subdivision design, highways, road reconstruction, site grading, surface creation, storm water, sewer and pipeline design.

Looking for a Compatible Autodesk Alternative?

Easy subdivision design

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Subdivision Road Design
Civil Site Design Rural Road Design

What makes us Faster, Easier, Smarter?

Plenty... Did you checkout the Civil 3D Page?

If so ~ you already saw the BIG Picture...
But what about those Firms that truly want a Compatible AutoCAD/Civil 3D Alternative?

You Invested in CAD to Increase Productivity
and to Generate More Profits

But You are Concerned About the Performance of Civil 3D, its Long Learning Curve and On Going Subscription Costs

Civil 3D is the Giant in the civil design market! It has some great technology and thousands of trained users! Its origins in highway design are, however, evident to even the casual observer.  

Most engineering firms generate the bulk of their revenue from the design of residential and commercial subdivisions and need automation for basic tasks like curb returns.

Sound like your Firm?

See the problem?

We did!

Civil Site Design is an Add-On to Civil 3D ... And YES ... BricsCAD Too!

This allows you to select the platform that is Right for individual users and circumstance, and can significantly reduce your software costs. And you are in Business for Profits... Right?

What if ?

You could choose an alternative CAD platform that offered high performance road and subdivision design and offered perpetual licenses?

Interested? We were!

Is Inter-operable with Civil 3D

Civil 3D’s slow performance and “crashes” on larger projects are well documented.

Civil Site Design significantly improves the performance of Civil 3D and reduces the number of “crashes”.

Stability, Performance and Productivity all with a Lower Cost Combo! Civil Site Design + BricsCAD is Truly a Blockbuster Combo!

Has High Performance Design Tools

A key feature of Civil Site Design is how it automates road and curb return design.

Select Auto Roads and CSD will automatically generate a “best fit” vertical design of your road network.  

Same with curb returns – simply define the default radius and you can design all curb returns in a subdivision in seconds!

Gave You CAD Platform Options...

One CAD Manager told us that 80% of his users DO NOT NEED an Industry Collection

A single license of Civil Site Design can be used on AutoCAD and BricsCAD providing you with options.

You can easily share designs between designers and detailers - regardless of platform.

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Civil Site Design Right Now!

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Make Sure you choose the BricsCAD Version...

Our Products

Industry Alternatives
Simply Better!

A Better Survey Alternative for Civil 3D

Civil Site Design

Civil Site Design provides you with highly efficient & simple-to-use civil design tools for road network design, highways, road reconstruction, site grading, surface creation, stormwater, sewer and pipeline design. Better, Faster, Easier & Smarter!

  • Works with Multiple Platforms:
  • Civil 3D
  • Map 3D
  • AutoCAD
  • BricsCAD
  • Supported back to v. 2012
  • Super Stable, Easy to Use!

Stringer Topo

Built to maximize efficiency in taking field survey data into CAD applications. Processing COGO points, generating breaklines and linework directly from your points and delivering a 3D surface. Stringer Topo  delivers a much better workflow that makes sense to Surveyors.

  • Premium topographic features:
  • 'Field to Finish' survey
  • Deliver as built' data
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Surface Creation
  • Existing Conditions Maps
  • E-Plan Requirements


BricsCAD Pro adds 3D Modeling, access to all programming tools and third party applications. BricsCAD is the only "Real" alternative to the most Popular CAD Platform for Civil Engineers and Surveyors. And when you package it with Civil Site Design and Stringer Topo, It Simply Rocks!

  • All familiar CAD functionalities
  • Full LISP, VBA, BRX & .NET support
  • Bricsys 24/7 cloud connectivity
  • Flexible licensing
  • Direct 3D Modeling
  • Rendering, materials and lighting
  • Access to Third Party Applications

Civil Site Design works with BricsCAD Too!

Civil Site Design for BricsCAD

If you are Looking for a Civil 3D / Autodesk Alternative for your Main Platform...

Look No Further... BricsCAD is everything that you could want in a Solid CAD Platform!


Civil Site Design and Stringer Topo work Perfectly with BricsCAD!

Why should your Firm Consider Civil Site Design?

Read On and Learn the BIG REASONS that Civil Site Design is going to Change the Way you look at your CAD / DESIGN Software! Do More in Less Time, with Less Tech Headaches, Less Training and YEP... and for LESS MONEY!

Sure Keep Civil 3D, we work on top if it and make it better. But when you add CAD Techs, Designers and Engineers that don't need the entire INDUSTRY SUITE (Really who does?), add a Seat of AutoCAD or even BricsCAD and then Civil Site Design. Save a Ton, but without changing your overall workflow. Plus we even have a Survey Module. (Stringer Topo) More on that Later... For Now... Read On!

Civil Site Design for Civil 3D, Map 3D, AutoCAD and BricsCAD

Civil Site Design will increases your productivity by:

  1. Significantly reducing design effort by automating routine tasks such as curb returns 
  2. A More Stable Platform, reducing or eliminating frequent crashes all on top of a lower cost CAD Platform.
  3. Giving you control of your Software Costs with Perpetual Licenses (Own vs. Rent) + No Suites! Really!

Let Us Help you Drive More Profits to the Bottom Line!

Features You Won't Want to Live Without

And if you are Looking for a Better Survey Platform?
We have got you Covered there too!

Learn More Now!

Visit our YouTube Channel to see FULL DEMOS of Civil Site Design and Stringer Topo!

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Want to see Civil Site Design or Stringer Topo in Action? Learn How Powerful and How Easy they are for your Staff to Learn + They are even Easier to Afford! Save Thousands all while Producing More and driving Thousands more to your Bottom Line! Now that is a Powerful Combination! Software design to Automate the REAL WORK you Do!

Nothing Quite Like Civil Site Design