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Powerful, Configurable, Scaleable Mobile Applications at a Price You Can't Ignore

ChasmTech has partnered with Canvas to provide powerful mobile applications that:

  • Are hosted on a secure site with an easy to use application development tool 
  • Allow rapidly develop of feature rich mobile applications with no impact on IT staff
  • Capture text, numbers, GPS location, photos, signatures and more
  • Can be quickly deploy to individual users or user groups
  • Automatically generate and distribute a PDF file of all captured data that can be emailed directly from the field
  • Allows all data to be downloaded to an Excel file for analysis and reporting
  • Can optionally be integrated to existing back end enterprise systems with a comprehensive API
  • Is priced as low as $15/per user/month


    Featured Application - Daily Field Reports   

Daily field reports are used by virutally every organization involved in construction and inspections. Managing and transcribing these paper based forms is expensive and prone to error.

Sample Canvas Daily Field Report

ChasmTech has developed a family of daily field report/inspection templates that can be quickly configured to your specific needs:

  • Your logo and contact information
  • An Excel template that allows you to pre-populate form fields to simplify data entry
  • A free, optional hosted site where the reports can be shared with project stake holders
  • Automatically distribute reports as PDF files to all stake holders and project folders
  • Extract all captured data at anytime into an Excel file
  • Extract start and end times to generate weekly or monthly time sheets 

To take advantage of this free offer:

  1. Register for a 30 day trial by following this link. (No Credit Card Required)
  2. Send us an Email to schedule a review of your requirements

We will:

  1. Schedule a 1/2 hour web meeting to review your requirements
  2. Create a custom application tailored to your needs
  3. Provide ongoing support during the 30 day trial period

With an ROI that can be measured in days - Don't pass up this opportunity! 


    Sample Applications   

You can download any of the applications below; modify them to your specific needs and deploy them to your field staff.  The applications are free of charge, you pay only monthly user fees as low as $15.

Hydrant Tap 

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Municipal Code Enforcement

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Municipal Sign Inventory 

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Sanitary Sewer Construction Mobile Application 

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Sanitary Sewer Contruction - MH to MH 

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Storm Water Outlet Inspection 

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Hydrant Tap Costs 

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Storm Water Inventory 

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