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Subdivision Road Design
Civil Site Design Rural Road Design

​​​​​Do you know what TECH TYPE You Are?

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What if ?

There was a Better Version of Civil 3D that:

Stabilized Civil 3D and Increased Performance...

Civil 3D’s slow performance and “crashes” on larger projects are well documented.

Civil Site Design significantly improves the performance of Civil 3D and reduces the number of “crashes”.

Stability, Performance and Productivity all with a simple Civil 3D Add-on! Really...

Automated Road and Curb Return Design...

A key feature of Civil Site Design is how it automates road and curb return design.

Select Auto Roads and CSD will automatically generate a “best fit” vertical design of your road network.  

Same with curb returns – define the default radius, then design all of them in seconds!

Gave You CAD Platform Options...

We recently learned that 80% of CAD users DO NOT NEED an Industry Collection

A single license of Civil Site Design can be used on AutoCAD and BricsCAD providing you with REAL Options.

Easily share designs between designers and detailers - regardless of platform.

Civil Site Design for Civil 3D

Civil Site Design for BricsCAD

Civil Site Design will increases your productivity by:

  1. Significantly reducing design effort by automating routine tasks such as curb returns (add-on to Civil 3D)
  2. Stabilizing Civil 3D, reducing or eliminating frequent crashes that your designers are experiencing.
  3. Giving you control of your Software Costs with Perpetual Licenses (Own vs. Rent) + No Suites! Really!

Let Us Help you Drive More Profits to the Bottom Line!

Features You Won't Want to Live Without

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Nothing Quite Like Civil Site Design ...

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​​​​​​​​Civil Site Design provides you with highly efficient and simple-to-use civil design tools for road network design, highways, road reconstruction, site grading, surface creation, stormwater, sewer and pipeline design.

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Stringer Topo

Need a Better Survey Tool for Civil 3D?

Want to use it with AutoCAD?

or Maybe a different CAD Platform all together?

Stringer Survey

Stringer Survey for Civil 3D

If you are Looking for a REAL Survey Product to use with Civil 3D ...

You have found the Holy Grail of Surveying Software for use with

Civil 3D, AutoCAD or BricsCAD!

Want to know what is included in the Survey Suite with Stringer Survey?

Stringer Topo